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Reach a new level

Solution Your aim within the game is to become the best manager.
In order to achieve this, you have to get as much ahead as possible within the game until the end of the season.
How are new levels reached?
You will receive experience points every time you do a job or challenge another user to play a game. These experience points will be used to reach the following level. Please remember that you will not receive any experience points if another player challenges you to play a game. These games will only generate money when you win them.
Do you get more experience points by doing jobs or playing games?
Most definitely, challenging other players to play games is the activity that generates more experience points, as long as you are the winner. However, if you draw or lose the games you will not obtain so much experience.

Therefore, we recommend users to carry out jobs to ensure getting a certain level of experience and, once you have put together a competitive team (when all your players have good attack and defence values) you can try and play as many games as possible.
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